Slumber Baby

Giving back

We Love to Put a Smile on Those Little Faces

While we all focus most of our time and energy in creating a safe and healthy environment for our kids, we feel it is equally important to take out some time to stand up for the cause of those who cannot speak for themselves. Slumber Baby is committed to supporting organizations and advocacy groups that are involved in wildlife habitat conservation and keystone species protection efforts. We promise to donate 10% of our profits to legitimate conservation efforts in these specific areas. By doing our bit, we teach our children not just the importance of giving back but also help leave a better planet for them.

(Keystone species are species that are integral to the healthy functioning of the ecosystem they live in. For eg – Elephants, wolves, grizzly bears etc)

Giving Back is one of the bedrocks of our value system here at DOM Family. To us, ‘giving’ is not just about donating money. It’s about committing time and love to everything we do. It’s about shaping our life’s work to enable a transformation of our community and society for the better in all aspects.

To know more about the causes and organizations we support, click here.