Slumber Baby

Slumber: Only the best for (y)our babies

Timeless elegance of form and simple efficiency of function

  • Experience matters! – Our parent company, Dream On Me, has been designing and manufacturing baby furniture for the past 30+ years and we are one of the leading brands trusted by millions of parents.
  • Safety first and foremost – All our products meet or exceed CPSC requirements through 3rd party testing and ASTM standards. All Slumber Baby products are made with wood and wood veneers of the highest quality with non-toxic and baby safe finishes.
  • We’ll be part of our family, for years to come! – All our furniture is designed and built to meet the growing and changing needs of your family. Most of our cribs are made with durable wood and comfortably transition from crib to toddler, day and full-size bed
  • Value for money – Uncompromising quality at a price that is affordable is what we aim for with every Slumber Baby product that we design and manufacture.