Slumber Baby

Take care of your Slumber Baby

A little love and attention goes a long way.

Slumber Baby uses special finishes on all our collections. These finishes are more delicate than those used in adult furniture and require careful maintenance. They are guaranteed to be completely safe for your baby.
  • Be careful when wearing sharp clothing articles like belt buckles and zippers. They will damage your furniture. Be especially cautious when leaning over the crib or dresser.
  • Dust your furniture at least once a week with a lint-free cloth dampened with polish or cleaner. Polish it every four months.
  • Don’t expose your furniture to strong sunlight or extreme changes in temperature or moisture. This can damage or fade its color.
  • Do not place your furniture in front of or over heating or air conditioning vents.
  • Take care when placing plastic materials (placemats / lamp bases / notebooks / etc.) directly on your furniture. Certain plastics have ingredients that may react with and damage the finish.
  • When using a vinyl changing pad place a protective cloth over your furniture to keep from scratching and damaging the finish. Do not place changing pad belts under the pad as these can also scratch the finish.
  • Use a felt mat (not plastic) to protect your furniture.
  • Wipe up spills promptly. Water left too long on your furniture will leave white spots on the finish. Urine can cause discoloration. Alcohol / perfume / aftershave and medicines can cause severe and permanent damage.
  • Be very careful when using a vaporizer. Moisture is not good for the finish. Make sure the vapor stream is always aimed away from your furniture.
  • Do not drag objects across the top surface of your furniture. Always lift them to avoid scratching the finish.
  • Avoid placing mobile devices accessories or any item that clamps on to the furniture/crib as they can cause scratching and other forms of damage to the finish of the crib/furniture.